One Mother’s Determination to Change the Toy and Publishing Industry #Childrensbooks


MAY 11, 2017 – PHOENIX, ARIZONA- Inspired by her 3 year old daughter and turned off by the lack of diversity in the toy and publishing industry, Mo’ Joseph is determined to make a positive impact and influence the marketplace that is not reflective of the changing demographics of this country.

After having her daughter in 2013, Monique Joseph like any other loving parent was excited about being able to share dolls, toys and books with here developing toddler.  She was very disappointed to learn that African American girls were not represented well in both of these areas.  She wrote to toy makers, engaged with them on social media and sought out resources.  Finding very little options she opted to do something about it.

In 2015 she started the process of writing her first children’s book that incorporates cultural diversity to enrich growth and development and address issues that preschool children experience every day.  Soon after, she started the process of designing toys and learning development merchandise with a cultural flare.

In 2017 Monique Joseph released her first children’s picture book, I Did it, I Did it, and the first design for a Zoie Adventures doll is in the works.  Joseph understand that the introduction of the right books during the preschool years are essential to the developmental success of any child. Furthermore, it is extremely important that all children see themselves reflected positively in their community and the world around them.
Joseph states, “Research has shown that social skills are learned behaviors. Exposing your child to books that will encourage empathy, generosity and problem solving can enrich their social learning.  And, exposing your children to cultural books and toys will start the journey toward increased self –awareness.”

As one of the biggest consumers of goods, African Americans should be more represented in this market.  “One doll at a time and one book at a time. We will change the way these industries view the impact of the African American community,” states, Joseph.

Books are now available at and at Barnes and Noble online.  The Zoie doll will be available early fall 2017.

I Did it, I Did it: Zoie Learns to Potty is published by Joseph House Books.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9987412-0-8

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