Local Phoenix Children’s Author shares her Entreprenuer story with Rev. Jesse L. Jackson #pr 

“I am inspired by by my 3 year old daughter and also turned off by the lack of diversity in the toy and publishing industry,”  Mo’ Joseph explains to Legendary Civil Rights leader Reverend Jesse L. Jackson.  I am determined to make a positive impact and influence on the marketplace that is not reflective of the changing demographics of this country.

After having her daughter in 2013, Monique Joseph like any other loving parent was excited about being able to share dolls, toys and books with here developing toddler. She was very disappointed to learn that African American girls were not represented well in both of these areas. She wrote to toy makers, engaged with them on social media and sought out resources. Finding very little options she opted to do something about it.  

Over a year ago she began the process of researching toy manufacturering and book publishing.  In May of 2017 she released the first in a series of books and currently developing a doll and other products.  

She continued to explain Jesse Jackson who knows all too well about the lack of representation of minority business in the marketplace.  He has fought for equality and equal representation of businesses for over 50 years.  “My goal is for black and brown children to walk into any store and they don’t have to search far to find character that look like them,” explains Joseph.  “It’s more than time.”

Learn more about Monique’s story and her journey into publishing and toy manufacturing Readmore: (http://www.moniquejoseph.com/one-mothers-determination-to-change-the-toy-and-publishing-industry-childrensbooks/) 

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