10 Ways to Motivate your Kids to Read | #GetCaughtReading Month

May marks the start of a wonderful nationwide public service campaign called Get Caught Reading.”  This program started by the Association of American Publishers  wanted to remind all of us that it truly is fun to read.

Educators, parents and caregivers play such a special role in the lives of so many young people.  Your example can go a long way with getting the ball rolling with having fun and developing life long habits.  So we’ve come up with some ways in which you can motivate your kids to read and “Get caught reading.”

  1. Explore Images and ideas in a book with discussion and drawing their own images to explore the places and things they saw while reading.
  2. Make a May calendar and let your kids check off each day they Spend 20-30 minutes reading.  At the end of the month choose a special treat like a day at the zoo or ice cream day! Make it fun!
  3. Decorate a corner in the house or bedroom with you kids favorite pillows, stuff animals and add several books in a crate or bin.
  4. Explore books about different cultures and backgrounds.  You can find a variety of books at your local library or cultural bookstore in the community.
  5. Visit the local library and sign your kids up for a library card.  Check out a new book each week.
  6. Take a video of your kiddo reading their favorite book and share it with family.  Your kids will love hearing themselves reading.  Kids love reality TV of other kids!
  7. Find a local family fun event to attend.  Visit your local library’s website. They are packed with monthly reading events.
  8. Help your kids organize a one day book drive on the weekend to donate to a kids shelter or nonprofit of your choosing.
  9. For older children: choose a book for them to read and engage them in a one-on-one debate.  Help them to make informed arguments and clear strategies.
  10. Make time each night before bed to read to your kiddos. even 15 minutes will encourage and motive good reading habits.


Have fun and enjoy the month!